Looks Like Prince Harry Has Started Smoking Again

One of the big topics circulating through the internet is the wedding of Prince William and Kate HarrySmokesREX 468x526 Looks Like Prince Harry Has Started Smoking AgainMiddleton but there is some other news that is starting to gain some attention as well. Prince Harry, brother of William vowed to quit smoking in the past and has done so but recently he has been spotted smoking tobacco cigarettes again. The stress of the royal wedding could be the reason he started smoking again but most people say it is because of his girlfriend who is also a smoker. Smoking cigarettes is a tough habit to break either way you look at it but smokers need to quit or find a safer alternative to help them quit their smoking habit.

He may have avoided serious injury during his tour of duty in Afghanistan, but Prince Harry appears to have picked up his dangerous smoking habit after claiming to have quit.The hell-raising royal ? who reportedly started smoking at 14 and was on 20 a day at Eton ? was seen puffing on a cigarette outside an airport terminal.

And it’s clear for the nicotine addict, old habits die hard.

Sparking up: Prince Harry, seen here outside an airport terminal in South Africa, has failed in his bid to give up smoking after claiming to have quit before leaving for his tour of duty in Afghanistan. “Sgt. Dean Barnes, who spent time with the prince in Helmand province recalled: “He made out he was a non-smoker ? then started cadging cigs. He still owes us a few.”

Spending lots of time with girlfriend Chelsy, also a committed smoker, can’t be helping his efforts to quit.

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