Leonardo DiCaprio Enjoys His Smoking Break With Ecig

Leonardo DiCaprio is one of those celebrity smokers known to have cleaned up their smoking habits. And among others, his weapon of choice to kick cigarettes was ecig. Now, even years after he made the switch, it seems that the actor is still keen about not smoking cancer sticks again.leonardo dicaprio ecig 243x300 Leonardo  DiCaprio Enjoys His Smoking Break With Ecig

In one post by dailymail.co.uk, a photo of Leo smoking was shared. However, it was noticeable that he wasn’t smoking a real cigarette. Instead, he was puffing away an electronic cigarette.

According to the post, the pictures of the “Titanic” actor smoking an ecigarette was taken on the set of his new movie “Django Unchained.” Specifically, it was said that he was taking drags on the device while waiting between takes.

For all the benefits that ecig could give to health and even to the planet, it is not a wonder why Leonardo, an environmentalist, would prefer to smoke with it than the real cigarettes.

Unlike the ciggies, the device just heats up a nicotine juice to work. Real cigarettes, on the other hand, burn tobacco. And with that burning comes the production of smoke imbued with carcinogens that negatively affects anyone who breathes it in and also pollutes the environment.

When it comes to taste, electronic cigarette also promises a satisfying smoking experience, thanks to the nicotine juice. In fact, it even offers a twist as an ecig cartridge could have different flavors from chocolate to apple.

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